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Paint 4 Paws: Help dogs by making art

Paint 4 Paws, now in its third year, is an art contest for adults and children of all ages. The point of the contest is simple: to raise much-needed funds for the Dog Warden’s Department to better equip them to serve the needs of lost, unwanted and homeless dogs in the region.

Hunters and dog owners must obey law: Use common sense

Holmes County deputy dog warden Scott Goodland has a simple dream. “I’d love to go one full hunting season without a dog being killed,” he said.

Dog wardens now have the jurisdiction to investigate animal cruelty and welfare concerns

As of Jan. 1, 2017, the Holmes County Dog Warden’s Department will now have the jurisdiction to investigate animal cruelty and welfare concerns pertaining to dogs. Dog warden Jonathan Beam and deputy dog wardens Ashley Porter and Scott Goodland completed a four-day basic humane agent training course in London, Ohio, with topics that included ethics, investigation, animal husbandry and report writing. In the history of the HCDW there has never been an appointed humane agent. Now there are three.

Girl Scouts supply food and treats to shelter dogs

Girl Scouts Cheyenne Rowland and Jessilyn Miller delivered a truckload of dog food and homemade indulgences including dog blankets, toys and cookies to the Holmes County Dog Warden Department and Adoption Center Wednesday, May 4. They were greeted by an enthusiastic recipient — a 3-month-old boxer mix who was more than happy to reward the girls with wet, sloppy puppy kisses.

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It’s 11 p.m. — Do you know where your dog is?

As the snow melts leaving behind another Ohio winter, evidence of spring emerges. Farmers will soon be sliding open their weighty barn doors, and livestock will find their way out to the green pastures and crisp fresh air. Shepherds spend thousands of dollars building pasture fences to keep their sheep safe, but unfortunately, predators often find a way in and can wreak havoc. Sometimes that predator is a sweet, spirited family dog who ends up behind bars for a playtime that turned into a kill time.

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Happy trails with the new Holmes County Dog Warden

There’s a new Dog Warden in town, and he and his dedicated staff have tails wagging all across Holmes County. Dog Warden Jonathan Beam has lived in Holmes County for most of his life. A 2014 graduate of Ashland University, Beam has a BS in Criminal Justice and a minor in Sociology. He is an outdoor enthusiast with a passion for helping animals in need and educating the public on responsible dog ownership. His team includes Deputy Dog Warden Scott Goodland, and receptionist Elizabeth Lykins. “My staff is awesome,” said Beam. “We are all dedicated to our community, and to the dogs that come through our door.

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