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Owner Surrender

The Holmes County Dog Warden’s Department does offer a rehoming service to the community for a fee of $50.00. It is important to understand that our facility is not required to offer this service. We understand that times can be tough and life change happens. Here are the steps to take if you wish to owner surrender your dog.

  1. Please call our department and provide us with as much information about the dog as possible including breed, age, temperament, and the reason you wish to surrender it.
  2. Schedule a visit with the dog warden so that your dog can be examined. All owner surrenders must be examined and cleared by the dog warden.
  3. If the dog warden feels that he can rehome your dog, you will be required to pay a fee of $50.00. This fee covers boarding and care for the dog while it is at our facility.
  4. Your dog will then be put up for adoption or sent to a rescue.

Dogs we do not accept as owner surrenders:

  • Aggressive towards people
  • Extremely dog aggressive
  • Dogs with extreme medical conditions (we do not have the funds to get medical attention to owner surrenders)
  • If we have less than 5 open kennels, we do not accept owner surrenders.