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Stray Dogs

Step One: When an unfamiliar dog shows up at your place please contact our department immediately at 330-674-6301.

Step Two: If you wish to capture the stray approach it very slowly and speak to it in a reassuring tone.  If it acts out aggressively upon your approach back off and let our department handle it.  If it allows you to put a leash or some other form of lead on it, great.  This will keep it from wondering elsewhere and keep it off the road. Under NO circumstances should young kids play with or handle a strange dog.  Stray dogs can be friendly but if you are unaware of where the dog came from it is best that only adults handle the dog with extreme caution.

Step Three: If you are able to capture the stray by leash or in a building, please contact our department and let us know that the dog is confined and where it is confined at. Check the collar for a license or any other forms of identification. If the dog has a Holmes County license you are able to use our website to search the tag number and find the owner. You can also call our department and the Auditor’s office with the tag numbers to identify the owners. If you do not wish to capture or attempt to capture the dog or dogs we will be out as soon as possible.

Step Four: Make sure that an officer from our department is able to get to the dog if there is no one at home when they arrive.  If you have dogs of your own make sure that you identify your dog’s when you call in. This eliminates the chance of our department picking up the incorrect dog.

Tips: If the dog is acting aggressively seek protection and contact us immediately at (330)-674-6301.  If we do not pick up or it happens to be the weekend, please contact the Holmes County Sheriff’s Department at (330)-674-1936.

Please do not keep a stray dog for over a week without notifying our department. If you provide the dog with food, water, shelter and other necessities for a certain number of days the dog will then be your responsibility and will no longer be considered a stray. We do our absolute best to get dogs back to their owners and if we simply have no luck we do our best to find them good homes.