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Humane Agent

On January 1, 2017, the Holmes County Dog Warden and his staff assumed the duties and responsibilities of Humane Agents for Holmes County Ohio. The appointment was made by the Holmes County Humane Society and put into action by acting Probate Judge Thomas Lee. The Dog Warden and his staff have all completed their required training hours and received humane agent certification through the Ohio Attorney General.

This means that the Dog Warden’s Department can now enforce animal cruelty and neglect violations and can conduct investigations to animal welfare complaints, without involving the Holmes County Sheriff’s Department. The Holmes County Dog Warden’s Department will now be enforcing Chapter 959 of the Ohio Revised Code but only pertaining to Dogs. It is our goal to build a strong bond between dog owners and their dogs, regardless of each individual circumstance. Every dog is entitled to proper care and treatment and as dog owners it is our responsibility to provide for them.