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Q: Do you take cats?

A: No. The Holmes County Dog Warden’s Department does not take cats. We are a dog only facility. All cat related questions can be directed to the Holmes County Humane Society. If you have a humane concern regarding cats, please call the Holmes County Sheriff’s Department at 330-674-1936.

Q: What is the best way to contact your department?

A: Most definitely by phone. We are not constantly checking our Facebook or Email. If you want to reach someone, please call the office at 330-674-6301.

Q: What can I do about a stray  found after hours?

A: If the dog is wearing a dog license, please use the tag search tool to find out who the dog belongs to. If it is not wearing a license please contact the Holmes County Sheriff’s Department and they will connect you to someone at the Dog Warden’s Department.


Q: How long do you hold dogs before you euthanize them?

A: The Dog Warden’s Department does not have a time frame or length of stay that determines when a dog will be euthanized. Euthanasia is based on medical conditions and behavioral characteristics of the dog and on rare occasion for space reasons.

Q: If my dog dies and I get a new one can I use the old dog’s license for the new dog?

A: No. A dog license is specific to the dog that it was purchased for. Your new dog would need a separate tag.

Q: If I lost my dog license what can I do?

A: If you lost your dog’s license you can purchase a duplicate tag through the Auditors Office or the Dog Warden’s Department for a fee of $5.00.

Q: How is your facility funded?

A: The Dog Warden’s Department is funded primarily on dog license fees. All revenue from dog tag sales goes in to the county’s dog & kennel fund which is used to operate the shelter and the Dog Warden’s Department.

Q: How long do you have to hold dogs before adopting them out?

A: A dog not wearing a a current dog license per O.R.C, has to be held “72 hours” before disposal and a dog wearing a current license has to be held for “14 days before the Dog Warden is able to dispose of it. We do our best to get dogs back to their rightful owners, but we have limited space and need dogs to move in and out quickly so we do not have to consider euthanizing for space.

Q: Can I shoot a dog a if it is trespassing on my property?

A: No! Ohio Revised Code 955.28 describes very specifically when you can legally shoot a dog. ” a dog that is chasing or approaching in a menacing fashion or apparent attitude of attack, that attempts to bite or otherwise endanger, or that kills or injures a person or a dog that chases, threatens, harasses, injures, or kills livestock, poultry, other domestic animal, or other animal, that is the property of another person, except a cat or another dog, can be killed at the time of that chasing, threatening, harassment, approaching, attempt, killing, or injury.” A dog simply coming on to your property does not give you the right to shoot it. You could be charged with a violation of Ohio’s animal cruelty laws. Any strays should be reported to the Holmes County Dog Warden’s Department.

Q: What can I do about dogs chasing deer on my property?

A: Report it to the Dog Warden’s Department. We will work with you on establishing who owns the dogs and take the appropriate actions to ensure the dogs stay confined to the property and under reasonable control.