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Lost & Found

The Dogs that you see on this page have been submitted to the Holmes County Dog Warden’s Department by members of the public. If you see your dog listed under found dogs or you find a stray dog listed under missing dogs, please notify the available number or contact our department. Remember you are also able to do a tag search on our website if the dog you find happens to be wearing a current license.

Reporting a Missing or Found Dog

If you are missing your dog, please call our department or fill out our missing dog application. Once filling out the application we will post your dog as soon as possible. Your post will be kept on our website for a period of seven days. If you wish to have it stay up for a longer period, please resubmit it at the end of day seven.

If you find a dog and wish to keep it until it’s owners are found you can fill out a found dog application and we will post it to our website as soon as possible. Found dog’s will also be posted for a period of seven days.


Lost & Found Dog Application

Lost Dogs

Norma Dewitt: Phone # 3304730865

Missing: One year old blonde male golden retriever husky mix.

Collar: Brown leather

Distinctive Marks: One blue eye and one amber eye. Large dog with big feet. Weighs approximately 65 pounds

Lost: state route 179 near state route 39. May have been spotted on state route 754 and state route 318 .









Mim Hostetler: Phone # 3307633030

Missing: Three year old female black and tan Germen Shepherd.

License #: Wayne County # 8927

Lost: State Route 83 at intersection of Clark Road just below Moreland

Distinctive Marks: Has a black snout







Peggy Bragg: Phone #: 330-988-8385

Missing: Seven year old male black and white lab/border collie mix.

License #: 7710

Lost: Zimmerman road and Elyria road near State Route 250 in Wooster Ohio

Distinctive Marks: Has a white muzzle, chest and front legs. Is also wearing a red shock collar with license attached.













Susie Felton: Phone # 330-674-1482

Missing: Two Male Brown and Tan Cocker Spaniel/Pekingese Mix

Lost: County Road 35 Millersburg Ohio.

Distinctive Marks: One dog has wart on back of head. Both dogs in picture are missing.


Found Dogs