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Tags to be worn

The Holmes County Dog Warden’s Department would like to inform the citizens of Holmes County that per Ohio Revised Code 955.10 all dog owners are required to have their dogs wear a current tag affiliated with its current county license. Once you purchase your dog’s current license you must somehow attach it to your dog.

A current tag allows us to get dogs back home fast and efficiently.

O.R.C 955.10 “No owner of a dog, except a dog constantly confined to a dog kennel registered under this chapter or one licensed under Chapter 956. of the Revised Code, shall fail to require the dog to wear, at all times, a valid tag issued in connection with a certificate of registration. A dog found not wearing at any time a valid tag shall be prima-facie evidence of lack of registration and shall subject any dog found not wearing such a tag to impounding, sale, or destruction.

In 2020 the Holmes County Dog Warden’s Department will be cracking down on dogs found not wearing a current license. This is primarily due to the large increase in the number of strays picked up and impounded that are not wearing a current tag. The goal for the Holmes County Dog Warden’s Department is to reduce the number of strays taken in by the shelter and encourage responsible pet ownership. In 2018 the Dog Warden’s Department picked up and impounded 242 stray dogs and in 2019 the department impounded 310 stray dogs. Sadly, most of these dogs were not wearing a current license. A violation of this law is a minor misdemeanor which means if you are cited you could pay up to $150.00 and have to appear in court.

There are many benefits to your dog wearing a current tag. The most important is that it allows our office to get your dog back to you in as little time as possible, sometimes avoiding a trip to the shelter. Even a member of the public can return a dog to it’s owner by entering the license number on the auditor’s website or by calling us with the number. Although dogs are safe and well cared for at the shelter, the environment is stressful for them and they may be exposed to disease and illness. It is important to know that if a dog is impounded while wearing its current tag law requires our shelter to hold the dog for 14 days before moving it out of the shelter via rescue or adoption. However, if a dog not wearing a current tag is impounded at the shelter it can be sent to rescue or adopted out just 72 hours later. To avoid euthanizing dogs for space reasons, the shelter moves dogs along as quickly as we can within the law.

We would like to encourage all dog owners to make sure that a current tag is attached to their dog’s collar. Our facility only has 14 available kennels and we would love to team up with the public to keep them as empty as possible. The dog warden’s office would be happy to help attach tags and provide extra rings to keep tags attached. If a tag goes missing a duplicate tag can be purchased at the Holmes County Auditors or the Dog Warden’s Department.  For any question regarding the Ohio Revised Code you can contact the Dog Warden at 330-674-6301.