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Volunteer Rules

Volunteer Rules 

My name is Baxter. I would have benefited greatly from a volunteer program in 2018. I did eventually find a rescue to help me and am living a happy life.

  1. Must complete orientation training and sign liability waiver.
  2. Must complete facility walk -through.
  3. Sign in and out each day you volunteer.
  4. Please do not enter rooms marked “employees only” unless asked to do so by an employee.
  5. If all employees have calls to handle and need to leave the facility you will be required to wait outside the facility until one of the employees returns.
  6. Follow any and all instructions from the Dog Warden or his deputies.
  7. Regardless of your experience, ability, or training never open a kennel with red tape on its kennel card.
  8. Only one dog at a time will be permitted in the play yard.
  9. At the Dog Warden’s request and approval, a dog can be walked outside of the Dog Warden’s facility. Volunteers will not be permitted to walk on the road.
  10. Dogs will not be permitted to leave the general area of the Dog Warden’s Department. General area meaning at least 100 yards from the facility.
  11. If dogs go outside of the facility, they must have on a collar or slip lead and must be on a leash controlled by a suitable person that is able to maintain control.
  12. Document what you worked on and how the dog did during your session.
  13. Do not perform any task that is unrelated to dog walking and socialization. This includes, but is not limited to, helping customers at the counter, taking customers back to look at dog’s, getting dogs out for customers, doing intake procedures, cleaning, and any other duty that is performed by the Dog Warden and his deputies.
  14. Report any and all concerning behaviors to the Dog Warden or one of his deputies. Behaviors include growling, bearing teeth, snapping, fear-related behaviors, extreme excitability, and rough playing.
  15. If you are bitten, please report the bite to the Dog Warden so that proper protocol can be followed.
  16. Understand that in a shelter you are at higher risk to be exposed to viruses, illnesses, and disease that could be transferred to your dogs at home. Please make sure your dogs are vaccinated properly.

Dress Code 

Acceptable: Jeans/Pants and T-shirt and Close- toed shoes

Unacceptable: Shorts, Cut Off Shirts and Flip Flops

After completing five hours of volunteering, a volunteer will receive a Holmes County Dog Warden Volunteer T-shirt. The volunteer is then expected to wear that shirt each time he or she volunteers.

A volunteer is also expected to wear a department issued name tag.