It is not a secret that Holmes County is home to a large number of dog breeders both low volume, (not registered with the Ohio Department of Agriculture) and high volume kennels( those registered with Ohio Department of Agriculture). The Holmes County Dog Warden’s Department is responsible for investigating welfare complaints on all registered kennels and unregistered kennels in Holmes County as well as making sure kennels are compliant with Ohio’s dog licensing laws.

To the breeder

We encourage breeders to practice humane treatment of their dogs and to keep their dogs health and well being at the forefront of what they do. Please pay attention to legal updates and changing laws. More resources on dog breeding can be found on our “Dog Breeders Resources Page”

To the buyer

We encourage you to do your homework prior to purchasing a puppy from anyone. Make sure to establish a relationship with the breeder of the dog you are purchasing. Most breeders who care about what they do will strive to create a relationship with you as the buyer, will be knowledgeable of their breed, will invite you to their home, and will have some form of contract as to the health of the dog they are selling. Just because all these criteria are not met does not mean the person is not a responsible and reliable dog breeder. It is up to you as the buyer to decide for yourself if you feel comfortable making the purchase. If you have a complaint please reference our Puppy “MIll Complaints Page”.