Where unwanted dogs become best friends, companions, and enjoy the love of humans. Every dog deserves to have a happy tail!

Gimlets Story: This boy was found as a stray in Holmes County recently. He was a little rough around the edges and ornery. At the time he did not make a good candidate for adoption to the public but a wonderful rescue stepped up and he went to a foster home. In that home he flourished and has become the best boy! He looks good and has a friend. He like cuddles and time on the sofa.

Fern aka “Louella

Hello, my husband and I adopted Fern aka “Louella” a couple weeks ago and I wanted to provide an update for her!

She is such a gem, and she is absolutely thriving! She has an older brother now, Fleet, and she seems to have been our missing piece. They play together, nap together, and they’re mischievous little pups in all their shenanigans. We adore her so much! Definitely a sour patch kid at her best, and she keeps us on our toes! We had a rough week to start, but she has settled in so perfectly. She is nailing potty training, and she is the most adorable napper we’ve ever laid eyes on, this girl can sleep anywhere! Thank you so much, we are absolutely blessed to have this little sweetheart in our lives, she is making our home whole.

Just wanted to send you an update on Leilo- now Maggie. She’s living her best life with her new brother Fozzie. They’re enjoying the nice sunny days we’ve had. I did have to take her to the vet on Monday. She had a hidden hematoma on her eye that burst and caused a lot of drainage. But thankfully she’ll be okay and she’s taking her eye drops and antibiotics like a champ. Thanks very much for connecting us- we love her!

Freddy!! By far one of the most heart warming stories of the decade! There are not many people who don’t know who Freddy is as he pretty much had his own fan club while at the shelter. Freddy was at the shelter for over a year and half just waiting for the right home. He finally found his chance when a truck driver needed a companion to travel with on the job. Freddy became his new traveling partner and lets just say they are loving each other! Sometime hounds are hard to place but when they get placed it is oh so good!


Good Afternoon!

I adopted Lilly at the end of last month and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to order a DNA test for her and my other dog Jax (the results are pretty fun but waiting for the results was TORTURE haha). I thought you might be interested to see the results and could potentially pass it along to whoever adopted Lilly’s sister 🙂 I have also included some photos – we will be starting puppy classes soon.  Thank you so much 🙂