Dog Wardens and Deputy Dog Wardens in Ohio are responsible for enforcing section 955 of the Ohio Revised Code. These laws are enforced in Holmes County by the Holmes County Dog Warden’s Department. They are enforced by officers who understand dogs but also understand that dogs come with a responsibility to owners, keepers and harborers. It is the owner, keeper, or harborer’s responsibility to make sure that there is no violation of Ohio law while the dog is in their custody or care. Laws enforced by the Holmes County Dog Warden’s Department include dog licensing, dogs running at large, dangerous dog laws, kennel operations, humane laws and various other laws relating to dog ownership.


  • Dog Owner: Defined as any individual whom a dog belongs to or is registered under.
  • Dog Keeper: Individual who maintains control over the dog, even on a temporary basis. If you are walking someone’s dog on a leash you are the keeper of that dog.
  • Dog Harborer: Person who controls the place where the dog lives.

Complaints in 2021200%
Welfare 7738.5
At Large 9145.5
Licensing 115.5
Dog Bites 168
Other 52.5