The Holmes County Dog Warden’s Department began a dog foster program in 2023 when the shelter experienced significant over crowding. A foster home is a home that our dogs can live in temporarily outside of the normal shelter environment until they are adopted or rehabilitated. There are several ways Holmes County citizens can participate in our foster program. Please note that foster homes must be Holmes County residents. All medical and food is covered by the Dog Warden’s office.


Out normal foster is a family or person that opens their home to house a dog while it waits for adoption, recovers from a medical issue, or is special needs. Special needs could include minor behavior issues or medical issues. There is not set time on which a foster home needs to commit as every dogs and foster home situation is different. This type of foster home really helps the shelter manage it’s intakes and is a better avenue for the dog as it is not stuck in the shelter environment. It also gives the Dog Warden’s Department more info on how that dog will react in a home environment. Essentially giving us more info to share with potential adopters.

Foster to Adopt

The Holmes County Dog Warden’s Foster to Adopt program has been a wonderful success since starting in 2023. In the foster to adopt program Holmes County citizens can foster a dog with the intent to eventually adopt if things go well. There is not adoption fee or commitment associated with foster to adopt but a foster contract is required. After one week in your home the Dog Warden’s Department will touch base with you and see how things are going. Once your ready to fully adopt you can come into the office and make it official! If things did not go well you may return the dog and it will provide the Dog Warden’s Department with helpful information to find a home for that dog.