1. It is the law! Ohio Revised Code 955.21 states that every dog 3 months of age or older must be registered. This includes both house dogs and outside dogs. Our department will patrol Holmes County very heavily and any dog owner found without a license will be issued a citation. A citation includes a $50.00 fine, $74.00 in court cost and you may be asked to appear in court. You will then also be required to purchase your current tag with a $15.00 penalty.
  2. It allows not only our department to return your dog home but also the public. If your dog goes missing wearing it’s tag the process to return them home is very simple, it could be a phone call away or a click of a button. If it is not wearing a valid dog license it can become quite complicated and you could lose your family friend forever. We are only required to hold a dog at our facility for 72 hours before adopting it out to a new family.
  3. Keeping the citizens and dogs of Holmes County safe and sound is not always an easy task, it requires time and money. Our facility is run entirely on the money we receive from dog license sales. We do not receive any of the public tax dollars. It is crucial that you purchase your dog license to support our facility and the work we are doing for the citizens of homes county and the homeless dogs in Holmes County. We are not able to help lost and abandoned dogs without the funds to do so. We handle a variety of tasks in the community each one taking our time and money. As a department, we handle dog bite investigations, livestock kill investigations, pick up strays, enforce Ohio dog laws, respond to aggressive dog situations, and operate the shelter. When dog owners purchase a dog license they are supporting the service and protection we provide not only for themselves but for their beloved dogs as well and not to mention they are giving hope of a new life to a homeless dog right here in the Holmes County.